What News Should Be
What News Should Be
What News Should Be

Friday, May 24, 2024


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CAPITALISM is one of the biggest obstacles to humanity getting its needs met.  Capitalism is the economic system where the goal is NOT to meet human needs but instead is for individual and/or corporate PROFIT $$. 


“The task of achieving universal access to electricity is, clearly, formidable but it would contribute substantially to the alleviation of poverty.  The required investment is most unlikely to be driven by the private sector, as in those countries in which electricity access is the lowest there is often no market and there are no guarantees . . . Providing full access means providing electricity to those who are so poor that they have no means to pay.  For these people, the only solution is for the service to be provided by governments or the international community as an investment in future social and income benefits”.

 -The InternationalEnergy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2009 publication, p. 133, available in libraries   (http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/460061910&referer=brief_results)or for purchase (at http://www.iea.org/w/bookshop/add.aspx?id=388for approximately $163 [120 Euros]), but not online for free.


“The Lancet in 2008 reported that someone starting therapy at age 20 could expect to live to . . . 63.  . . . The cost of treatment . . . can total $30,000 a year. . . .   While the pharmaceutical industry has sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into developing AIDS treatments, most drug companies are sitting out cure research. .  . It’s no mystery why. “The whole field suffers from the lack of a business model,” says Jeff Sheehy, a San Francisco activist and CIRM board member. “A cure may make sense from a public-policy point of view, but not to a company.” Unlike treatment, which must be taken daily for life, a cure would be a one-time intervention. “It’s not that it’s sinister and they don’t want a cure. But it doesn’t fit.” 

Source: The Man Who Had HIV and Now Does Not
Address : http://nymag.com/print/?/health/features/aids-cure-2011-6/index4.html

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