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What News Should Be

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

What Should News Be?

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When you think about it, I’m sure you’ll agree that front page news stories should be the ones that affect the largest number of people in the most serious ways.

Because I couldn’t find that type of news, I created this website.  The front page news stories are here.   You’ll note that TODAY HUGE SEGMENTS OF HUMANITY STILL LIVE & DIE IN THE DARK AGES both literally (without electricity and the light it provides[1]) and figuratively, without sufficient food[2], clean water[3], and other necessities of life[4], and it doesn’t have to be this way.

In these front page news stories, you’ll read about humanity’s most pressing problems, and have direct links to the sources of all statistics so you can check them out for yourself.  You’ll also learn here about how much we still don’t yet know about the state of humanity  (easily remedied once we have the will) and how this lack of knowledge currently impacts on our ability to fix these life and death problems.[5]

How’s your luck?  Were you lucky enough to be born in a country where indoor plumbing is the norm and where children aren’t growing up stunted or starving to death?  What about those who aren’t so lucky? Remember, we are our brothers’ keepers.  There is a brotherhood of man that the news media ignores, whether deliberately or not[6], which will not be ignored here.  You may notice that the front page stories on this website don’t change frequently.  That’s because the most important – life and death – front page problems of humanity are not being resolved.  Only lip service and half-hearted and phony attempts are made to fix these problems[7].

Thus, each will remain on the “front page news” link on this website, day after day, like they should, until they are resolved, just like any important story worthy of front page news coverage. On the blog section of this website at the far right[8], I will add details as I find and have time to add them on how people may be addressing the most pressing problems of humanity, or not, as the case may be.  It is my hope that the more people who realize what the REAL news and state of humanity is, the more likely that people will work towards getting all of humanity out of the dark ages, and not in some distant future, but immediately.

We do have the technology and the resources now for EVERYONE, both here in the U.S. where I live, and on the rest of the globe, to have a great quality of life[9].  There’s nothing more important to humanity than the state of humanity, and that’s why information about it needs to be front page news and THE focus of our attention and efforts.

Feedback on this website (to Angie@WhatNewsShouldBe.org) is very appreciated. It’s a continual work-in-progress with new information and topics being added (along with planned sister sites such as WhatTVShouldBe, WhatMOVIESShouldBe, WhatMUSICShouldBe, WhatCOMEDYShouldBe, WhatSTATISTICSShouldBe, WhatVIDEOSShouldBe coming on-line) as my insufficient free time permits. Remember, the mainstream news media (where reports on golf player, Tiger Woods’ infidelities appear in banner headlines) seeks to distract us from the life and death problems still facing humanity, but they will be FRONT PAGE news here, until the unnecessary death and suffering is a thing of the past.   It’s What News Should Be.  Pass it on.

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